Darrell Scott & Bill Frisell

by DarrellScott

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John Cratchley
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John Cratchley Bittersweet and melancholy...something lost and something gained: the pain of experience and vulnerability...all wrapped up in four evocative stories of heartache,discontent and wisdom...
The playing is the whole truth and goes to the heart of the matter.
Darrell calls...Bill responds...so the river flows: that's all and it encapsulates everything that's needed in its quiet perfection.
Dave Jamieson
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Dave Jamieson Bill Frisell does no wrong.
Harold Priest
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Harold Priest Love the tunes Darrell & Bill. Come back to Dallas
Paul Goode
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Paul Goode The interplay of the musicians calls to mind the intricacy of Ry Cooder's A Meeting By The River. Darrell Scott and Bill Frisell nurture each other's approach through their individual mastery, creating a considerable whole greater than its already impressive parts. Highly recommended. Favorite track: The Open Door.
Tom Erhardt
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Tom Erhardt Darrell Scott and Bill Frisell, two exceptionally accomplished musicians who can play in any style with great emotion and effortless skill. I am grateful to have seen both multiple times and hopeful that I will see them again, together and individually. This is music to get lost and found in, music to swell your heart, music that speaks in the language we've forgotten. Yes, I love this recording. Thank you Darrell and Bill. Favorite track: The Open Door.


while bill frisell was in town, i got him to come a day early so we could play in gary paczosa's studio
the morning session was me and bill.
the afternoon session, we called kenny malone to join us.
4 songs.
the unmistakable, haunting, beautiful, fully musical sound of bill frisell.


released April 13, 2015



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DarrellScott Nashville, Tennessee


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